Zamfara Governor Dauda Lawal instructs security agents to take immediate action against illegal miners, including the use of force if necessary.


In an effort to combat illegal mining activities in Zamfara state, Governor Dauda Lawal has issued orders for security agents to respond with lethal force when encountering illegal miners.

In a statement released on Saturday, September 23, by his spokesperson, Sulaiman Bala Idris, Governor Lawal emphasized that illegal mining poses a significant threat, characterizing it as a “destructive activity.” He explained that this directive is imperative to safeguard the well-being and security of Zamfara’s residents and to deter potential offenders from engaging in such activities.

The statement conveyed:

“Security personnel have received explicit instructions to take immediate and decisive action, including the use of lethal force, against individuals involved in illegal mining.

“This directive is a necessary step to ensure the protection and security of the people of Zamfara and to discourage any unlawful actions. It is also intended to allow the government to maintain complete control over state resources and to thwart activities that jeopardize the lives and property of the populace.

“Illegal mining undeniably contributes to the widespread banditry issues afflicting Zamfara State. We must take prompt and resolute action to curtail this menace and restore peace and security to our communities.”

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