A couple was discovered engaging in an intimate act at their workplace, visible through the office window.


A couple engaged in an intimate encounter within an office restroom found themselves inadvertently exposed to onlookers on the street below, as their silhouettes were clearly visible.

An eyewitness, positioned outside the Central Wholesale Market headquarters in Medellin, Colombia, filmed the passionate couple’s actions and posted it online, humorously captioning it as “office toilet escapades.”

The brief video, spanning approximately 20 seconds, captures the moment when a passerby notices the couple’s amorous silhouette through the restroom’s glass window and points it out to others. The couple, apparently striving for discretion, had locked themselves in one of the office restrooms, unaware that their rendezvous would be vividly visible through the glass.

The Central Wholesale Market is a bustling area in Medellin, and numerous passersby had the chance to witness the couple’s escapade from the street.

Commenting on the video, one local individual remarked, “They both got what they wanted,” while another jokingly attributed the incident to “bad architecture.”

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