A policewoman implores an Abuja court to end her marriage due to persistent physical abuse, describing how her husband subjects her to brutal beatings reminiscent of a child.


On Tuesday, October 17, policewoman Angela Adams appealed to a Customary Court in Jikwoyi, FCT, for the dissolution of her marriage with her husband, Titus, citing a pattern of domestic violence as the reason.

She tearfully recounted, “My husband consistently subjects me to physical abuse whenever we have minor disagreements. His treatment is akin to that of a child.”

She went on to reveal the severity of the violence, saying, “He often targets my eyes. During our last altercation, he struck me in the face. Fortunately, I managed to shield myself with my hand, but the blow resulted in an injury to my hand.”

Angela also disclosed that her husband had taken out a loan of N750,000 in her name from a microfinance bank. “When I inquired about the loan’s purpose, he claimed it was used to purchase wood and zinc. However, I later learned that he had rented an apartment and furnished it for another woman.”“He tricked me into marrying him, I didn’t know that he had two children already, and had recently impregnated another,” “I beg this honourable court to grant me the custody of the only child of this marriage and dissolved the marriage before my husband kills me and there will be no one to take care of my child”. The respondent, Titus who is a policeman, was not present in court. rewrite Judge Thelma Baba, however, ordered that a hearing notice be served on the respondent through his lawyer and adjourned the matter until October 24, for cross examination/defense. – NAN

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