Actress Iretiola Doyle shares a harrowing experience of nearly losing her life after inhaling carbon monoxide emitted by a car air conditioner.


Nollywood actress Iretiola Doyle has shared a chilling account of her narrow escape from death in November this year after inhaling carbon monoxide in a car.

In a post on her Instagram page today, December 31, the actress provided details of the incident and expressed gratitude for her survival. The day had begun on a positive note, with plans to speak at a tertiary institution on the outskirts of Lagos. She was accompanied by her boys, @tha.sage and @dozieonyiriuka, who fortunately stopped at the mall for refreshments before the trip.

Within 30 minutes of taking pictures shared by @jem1yo, Iretiola was discovered unconscious in the car that had been sent for their transportation. She was foaming at the mouth, with blood trickling down her nose. The cause was carbon monoxide poisoning, as the gas had somehow infiltrated the car through the air conditioning vents.

Iretiola credited her survival to divine intervention, emphasizing that only God’s mercy spared her life. She acknowledged the alignment of various resources, including people, medical personnel, and logistics, which played a crucial role in her recovery. She stressed the importance of carbon monoxide awareness, emphasizing that the poisoning can occur silently and swiftly, not just from generators.

She concluded her post with a powerful testament to God’s faithfulness, stating that she is a living proof of His grace. Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs when there is an excess buildup of carbon monoxide in the blood, leading to severe tissue damage or death when oxygen in the red blood cells is replaced by carbon monoxide.

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