Alleged pastoralists brutally kill individual in Benue.


Suspected herders have fatally assaulted Abur Terkuma in the Logo Local Government Area of Benue State.

The tragic incident occurred on the evening of Tuesday, December 27, 2023, as Terkuma was gruesomely butchered by the assailants. Additionally, there are reports that the attackers also abducted his parents.

In response to the devastating news, Abur Frank expressed his grief, referring to the day as “Black Tuesday.” Frank recounted how Terkuma, who had been preaching in church just the day before, fell victim to the violence inflicted by Fulani herdsmen.

“Rest in peace, brother Abur Terkuma. He was attacked and killed by Fulani herdsmen this evening. Kaii, my God, no one can question you. He was preaching yesterday in the church, and today you are no more again,” lamented Abur Frank.

He continued, “You were telling us to be prayerful to God because we always move on the road where they always attacked people each blessing day, but God’s hand is on us, not knowing that was the last words I am to hear from you. Once again, may your soul rest in peace.”

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