Anambra State Government Implements Clock-In Devices to Address Absenteeism and Enhance Healthcare Services


Dr. Afam Obidike, the Commissioner for Health, recently announced that the Anambra State Government has initiated the installation of clock-in devices in public health facilities. The purpose of this endeavor is to curb absenteeism among health workers and ensure their commitment to their duties.

During a meeting with administrators of public hospitals in the state capital, Awka, Dr. Obidike expressed concern over instances of absenteeism and non-operational health facilities that he had observed during unannounced visits. He emphasized that such practices have had a detrimental impact on healthcare delivery and contributed to avoidable mortalities.

The installation of clock-in devices in all government hospitals aims to ensure that healthcare workers are present at their duty posts to attend to the health needs of the people. These devices will also facilitate the monitoring of the hours worked by health workers, which will subsequently determine their monthly salaries and allowances.

The ultimate goal of this initiative is to reduce maternal and infant mortalities while restoring the public’s trust in the quality of healthcare services provided by the state. In addition, the government plans to establish a “Hub and Spoke” approach to enhance networking among hospitals, enabling primary healthcare centers to connect with various doctors through telemedicine.

The Anambra State Government is also focusing on strengthening at least one general hospital in each local government area. This approach will enable primary health centers to refer patients to these hospitals when necessary, ensuring seamless healthcare delivery.

Despite the challenges posed by limited resources, the state government remains committed to its healthcare responsibilities. Dr. Obidike emphasized that healthcare providers cannot afford to fail, and every effort is being made to optimize service delivery and improve the well-being of the people of Anambra State.

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