Oshiomhole: Losing My Senatorial Election Would Have Elevated My Blood Pressure


Senator Adams Oshiomhole (APC-Edo) assured the people that Bola Tinubu would bring transformation to Nigeria, similar to his successful impact on Lagos. Oshiomhole made these remarks during a post-inauguration/thank-you party held in his honor at his country home in Iyamho, Etsako, Edo State.

Expressing gratitude to his supporters, Oshiomhole stated that if he had lost his senatorial ambition, it would have greatly affected his blood pressure. However, he thanked the electorate for their overwhelming support, emphasizing that their votes had secured his victory and prevented any potential disappointment.

Oshiomhole also acknowledged the people of Edo North for their unwavering support in electing him as their senator following his tenure as governor. Furthermore, he appreciated the district for being the sole district in Edo State where Tinubu emerged victorious in the presidential election.

Pledging his commitment to effectively represent Edo North, Oshiomhole emphasized his responsibility to ensure that the state benefits greatly from Tinubu’s administration. He highlighted the success of Tinubu’s political influence, stating that in each of the six Local Government Areas and every ward, both Tinubu and himself secured victories.

Furthermore, Oshiomhole expressed his belief that Tinubu, when given the opportunity, would not only make Edo State similar to Lagos but even better. He assured the people that Tinubu would bring about significant transformation and confidently stated that Tinubu was now the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, dismissing those who believed Edo could not be compared to Lagos.

In summary, Oshiomhole expressed his gratitude for the support he received during his senatorial election, acknowledged the people’s role in electing President Bola Tinubu, and assured the audience of Tinubu’s potential to transform Nigeria, drawing parallels with his successful leadership in Lagos.

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