APC government is worse than military government – Gov Ortom


Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom, on Monday, said the APC-led government is by far worse than a military government.


The governor who has been a strong critic of this government, said this when he spoke to newsmen in Makurdi, the state capital today November 1. According to the governor, the worst military government is better than the APC government.

He, however, said that the success of the Peoples Democratic Party convention last Saturday has rekindled the hope of Nigerians and assured them that the party is poised to take over the presidency come 2023.


“We (PDP) are determined to take over leadership of this country, come 2023 because of the failure of APC led government. They are being deceitful and not being able to secure our land. They have rather succeeded in destroying our economy, our security, our social life and everything you can think of in this country.

I have been privileged to read the history of Nigeria and that of those who have been destroying us including the military. Usually, we say that the worst democratic government is better than the military government.

That is what we used to say, but for the purpose of APC-led government, I want to say that the worst military government we have had in Nigeria is better than this particular government led by APC.

I have never seen anything like this; people who don’t want you to tell them the truth or advise them, try to twist things and tell the world that you are against them” he said



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