Authorities apprehend Ekiti pastor on suspicion of abducting children belonging to the congregation.


Noah Abraham, the controversial founder of Christ High Commission Church in Omuo-Oke, Ekiti State, known for allegedly collecting money from church members as a “ticket to heaven,” has been re-arrested for more severe offenses. This time, the Ekiti State Police Command, in collaboration with the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP), detained Pastor Abraham for the alleged kidnapping of over nine individuals, including minors, and impregnating the wife of his choir coordinator.

According to Vanguard, the pastor was accused of hypnotizing and brainwashing children of his congregation, turning them against their parents. Distraught parents, church members, and even Pastor Abraham’s legal wife staged a protest at the Ekiti State Police Command, pleading with the government and relevant authorities to rescue their children and relatives from the pastor’s captivity.

The victims reported that Pastor Abraham compelled children to withdraw from school, forced a 27-year-old man to resign from his job, and kept him in the camp without a clear purpose. The choir coordinator confirmed that the pastor had “snatched and impregnated” the mother of his three children, narrating how Pastor Abraham separated them and denied him access to his family.

Mrs. Mary Abraham, the pastor’s wife, recounted how her husband forced her out of their home to make way for the choir coordinator’s wife. She pleaded for help to retrieve her children, who had been withdrawn from school and subjected to a miserable life.

Pastor Abraham’s actions affected other church members, with one pastor revealing that his son, working in a reputable institution, was asked to resign and held hostage. Allegations of financial exploitation also surfaced, with claims that Pastor Abraham took significant sums from believers for purported spiritual cleansing.

In response to the accusations, Pastor Abraham, who previously made headlines for the “heaven ticket” saga, stated that he had fulfilled his mission on Earth and was ready to return to his creator. The Ekiti State Police Command confirmed the incident, stating that an investigation, in collaboration with NAPTIP, is ongoing.

It is noteworthy that Pastor Abraham had been arrested in April 2022 for organizing a camp where he allegedly collected N310,000 from over forty participants as a fee for a “ticket to heaven.” He was granted bail at a Magistrate court after the initial arrest.

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