Tragically, a 10-year-old boy loses his life as a monkey fatally injures him by tearing out his intestines.


In India, a 10-year-old boy named Dipak Thakor met a tragic end when a group of monkeys, described as a ‘notorious gang,’ attacked him near a temple in Salki, a small village in the state of Gujarat. The incident occurred on Tuesday, November 14, as Dipak and his friends were playing.

Reports indicate that the monkeys, identified as a ‘notorious gang,’ assaulted the group of children, leading to Dipak being severely injured when one of the primates latched onto him with its claws. Despite being swiftly taken to the hospital, the boy succumbed to his injuries before medical intervention could take place.

Officials revealed that this marked the third attack by the monkey gang within the week. Vishal Chaudhary, a forest official, shared that efforts have been underway to capture the aggressive animals. In the past week, two langurs have been rescued, and traps have been set to catch another langur.

Chaudhary remarked, ‘There is a sizable troop of monkeys in the village, including four adults who have been involved in attacks in the past one week. Two of them have been rescued. Efforts are on to cage another.’

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