Doctors in Nasarawa state have declined the N10,000 wage increase and are urging Governor Sule to fulfill their hazard allowance.



The Nasarawa State chapter of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) has rejected the ₦10,000 wage increment offered to civil servants by the state government as a palliative measure to offset the impact of fuel subsidy removal.

In a formal communication addressed to Governor Abdullahi Sule, dated October 30th, the association has called for the immediate implementation of the revised hazard allowance, in addition to settling 23 months’ worth of accrued arrears.

The letter, jointly signed by Drs. Attah Peter and Ashiegbu Kelechi, the Chairman and Secretary of the association, respectively, points out that the Federal Government and other states, including Benue, Kwara, Delta, Rivers, Yobe, Plateau, Ekiti, Ondo, and Enugu, have already implemented the hazard allowance and other welfare enhancements to promote better service delivery within the healthcare sector.

The NMA contends that this move will serve as a significant motivational factor for their members, encouraging them to redouble their efforts and enhance healthcare service delivery in the state.

Furthermore, the association recalls the tragic loss of three medical doctors and other healthcare workers in the state to Lassa fever and other health-related hazards over the past two years. They emphasize the necessity of implementing the revised hazard allowance to motivate their members to recommit themselves to their duties and improve healthcare service delivery in the state.

The NMA maintains that the medical doctors employed by the state government strongly support the implementation of the hazard allowance over the palliatives agreed upon between Organized Labor and the State Government.

“The medical doctors on the state government’s payroll express a clear preference for the implementation of the hazard allowance rather than the palliatives agreed upon by Organized Labor and the State Government,” the letter reads.

The association finds the offer of the wage increment surprising and shocking, particularly in light of a recent meeting with the Deputy Governor of the state, Dr. Emmanuel Agbadu Akabe, who confirmed that the State Government had granted approval for the commencement of the hazard allowance payment to medical doctors on its payroll.

The NMA asserts that they will remain steadfast in their pursuit of improved working conditions and compensation, as they believe it is essential to enhance the quality of healthcare services provided in Nasarawa State.

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