During a CNN interview on Christmas day, a Catholic priest refers to Jesus as a ‘Palestinian Jew.’


During a Christmas day interview on CNN, Father Edward Beck, a Catholic priest and regular contributor, asserted that Jesus was a persecuted Palestinian, drawing parallels between the Christmas story and the current situation in the Middle East. Father Beck emphasized that the term “Palestinian Jew” was extraordinary but accurate in the context of Jesus’ birth in an occupied country. He highlighted how, similar to the biblical account, Jesus’ parents, Mary and Joseph, were forced to flee to Egypt as refugees.

While not explicitly expressing a pro-Palestine stance, Father Beck suggested that the contemporary situation in 2023 echoes the challenges faced during Jesus’ time. Some interpreted his remarks as implying that Jesus was more Palestinian/Arab than Jewish, but Father Beck defended his statements, asserting that his message of peace and unity was the primary focus. Additionally, he shared articles discussing the historical use of the term “Palestinian” to identify various religious and ethnic groups in the region over millennia.

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