Efia Odo and14 other #FixTheCountry campaigners granted bail


Actress Efia Odo and 14 other #FixTheCountry campaigners have been granted bail after being arrested by the police at a Ghanaian court earlier today.


LIB reported that they were arrested after they arrived the court to witness the final ruling on a lawsuit instituted by the Ghana Police Service who sought for an injunction to stop #FixTheCountry campaigners from going ahead with their protest.


Though why they were arrested is still unclear at the moment, the Ghanaian has however confirmed their release by sharing a photo of her and other campaigners, revealing they were granted bail.

Also speaking to JoyNews, Efia said she and the other protestors were outside taking pictures while waiting for the court to deliver a ruling at 1:30 pm.


Expressing her disappointment, she noted that it is unlawful for personnel of the Ghana Police Service to prevent the campaigners from exercising their constitutional right as citizens.


She said;


“I was inside the courtroom and the judge called for a recess that we should come back at 1:30 to get our final verdict. So, as I came outside, obviously a lot of campaigners were outside to support and they wanted to take pictures.

“I am a public figure and they wanted to show their support. A lot of commotion was going on and all of a sudden we see police come with their guns as if we were criminals and they just aggressively pulled us in.”


Lawyers of the campaigners have however refused to disclose the conditions for the bail granted as well as give any further update on the matter.


Meanwhile, an Accra High Court has dismissed an injunction application by the Ghana Police Service, seeking to restrain a street protest by #FixTheCountry campaigners.


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