Experiencing penile erection lasting over 30 minutes can be detrimental, cautions a professor at Kwara State University, advising men to be aware of the potential risks.


Professor Ademola Popoola from the Department of Surgery at the University of Ilorin, Unilorin, has issued a warning about the potential dangers of sustaining a penile erection for over 30 minutes during sexual intercourse.

During his presentation at the university’s 250th Inaugural Lecture titled “That All May Pee in Peace” in Ilorin, Popoola emphasized the hazards associated with prolonged erections. He urged individuals experiencing erections lasting beyond the specified duration to seek immediate medical attention.

Popoola emphasized the importance of having a competent doctor promptly abort the prolonged erection to safeguard future penile functionality. While acknowledging the necessity of a turgid or erect penis for satisfactory sexual intercourse, the professor noted that extended erections can lead to fractures or breaks.

He also highlighted research findings indicating a higher incidence of ruptures on the right side of the penis compared to the left side.

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