Former INEC Chairman Attahiru Jega warns of dire consequences if decisive action is not taken, stating that Nigeria is in a state of decline.


Former INEC Chairman, Professor Attahiru Jega, issued a stark warning that Nigeria is on the verge of becoming a failing state and stressed the urgency of taking corrective action. Speaking during the convocation lecture at Bauchi State University on the theme, ‘Safeguarding Nigeria’s future: Prioritizing citizens’ welfare and security amidst challenges,’ Jega called for a rational, evidence-based process of restructuring the Nigerian federation.

Highlighting the need to devolve power and resources from the federal to the state and local governments, Jega proposed revisiting the power distribution model of the 1963 Constitution. He emphasized that reducing the concentration of power at the federal level is crucial for fostering appropriate reforms and development.

Jega expressed concern about the high cost of governance, attributing it to reckless spending and abuse of power by the executive arm of government at both federal and state levels. He warned that the political class’s actions were endangering Nigeria’s future by destroying institutions rather than building them.

Advocating for constitutional amendments to address governance challenges, Jega cautioned against a hasty return to the parliamentary system. He stressed the importance of addressing the cultural issues causing profligacy in governance before considering a change in the system.

While acknowledging that Nigeria is not yet a failed state, Jega urged leaders to recognize it as a failing state and take immediate steps to safeguard its future. He proposed reducing dependence on oil revenue by promoting agricultural productivity, focusing on agro-allied industries, and creating opportunities for unemployed youth.

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