Family of Mr. Ibu Refutes Claims of Second Leg Amputation


The family of the ailing actor, John Okafor, popularly known as Mr. Ibu, has refuted rumors circulating online that his second leg has been amputated.

Earlier today, widespread reports suggested that Mr. Ibu had undergone amputation on his second leg. In an official statement released this evening and signed by Valentine Okafor, a family representative, they also debunked claims that the actor is grappling with diabetes. According to the statement, Mr. Ibu is currently contending with blood clotting issues in his legs. It further clarified that he has not been transported abroad for additional treatment due to medical professionals categorizing him as “Not safe for flight.”

The statement conveyed gratitude to well-meaning Nigerians and the public for their substantial contributions, encompassing physical, spiritual, and financial support in aiding Mr. Ibu’s recovery.

To address misconceptions, the family clarified that only one leg was amputated initially, and a subsequent amputation was deemed necessary by doctors to address lingering health challenges. The cause of Mr. Ibu’s illness was specified as constant blood clotting in his leg, associated with diseased blood vessels and other health complications posing a risk to his life.

The family emphasized that the decision not to seek international medical assistance stems from doctors’ assessment, which has deemed him “Not Fit to Fly.” The statement assured the public that Mr. Ibu is currently receiving care at one of Nigeria’s premier hospitals, staffed by proficient healthcare professionals.

As Mr. Ibu undergoes the recovery process, the family urged friends, colleagues, fans, and the Nigerian public to keep him in their thoughts and to refrain from spreading unverified reports about his health.

Expressing gratitude for the overwhelming support received from Nigerians, the family concluded the statement with a blessing for everyone.

Valentine Okafor On behalf of the Family

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