“I will persist in my efforts until I achieve my goal of traveling to Europe,” declares the apprehended stowaway.


Osas Nusakare, one of the 14 stowaways apprehended aboard a foreign vessel at the Lagos Roadstead, expressed his determination to persist in attempting to leave Nigeria for Europe. The 45-year-old revealed his desire to welcome the New Year in a European country and admitted that this marked his second endeavor, emphasizing his commitment to keep trying until he achieves success.

The arrest of the 14 stowaways took place on Friday, December 15, aboard the motor tanker UOG CONSTANTINE by naval officers from NNS BEECROFT. Nusakare disclosed that he and others had boarded the vessel with the intention of traveling to Europe, but their plans were foiled before the ship departed from Lagos waters. The vessel had reportedly come to discharge petroleum products at one of the tank firms in Lagos.

“We joined the vessel with the aim of traveling to any country in Europe. We were encouraged by the fact that we were going to celebrate the New Year in Europe. This is my second attempt. I am not discouraged. I will continue to try until I succeed,” he added

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