Individual apprehended for purportedly taking a handbag within a church in Anambra state.


A man was apprehended for allegedly stealing a woman’s handbag during a mass service at a Catholic church in Anambra State. Egbuaba Ifeaoma shared the incident on Facebook on December 4, 2023, revealing that it took place at St. Gregory Parish in Iyiowa Odekpe, Ogbaru Local Government Area, during the Sunday service.

Ifeoma urged people to be cautious as thieves are now targeting worshippers in churches. She recounted that the young man was caught last Sunday at St. Gregory Parish, where he stole a parishioner’s handbag. According to her post, the woman had left her handbag on her seat while giving an offering during the early morning mass. Upon her return, she discovered the theft and raised an alarm.

The church members took immediate action, searching for the thief. Despite attempting to evade capture by running into a concealed area, the robber was eventually found and apprehended by the congregation.

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