IPMAN Assures Nigerians: No Plans to Increase Petrol Pump Price to N700 per Litre, Urges Against Panic Buying


The Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN) has moved to quell concerns by assuring Nigerians that there are no plans to raise the petrol pump price to N700 per litre. IPMAN urges the public not to engage in panic buying or hoarding of petroleum products.

In response to circulating rumors, IPMAN emphasizes that there are no imminent intentions to implement such a drastic increase in petrol prices. They encourage Nigerians to disregard the speculations and maintain normal buying patterns.

IPMAN assures the public that there is an ample supply of petroleum products, and all efforts are being made to ensure a steady and uninterrupted distribution across the country. They advise against panic buying, which can lead to artificial scarcity and unnecessary price inflation.

The association reaffirms its commitment to working closely with relevant stakeholders and regulatory bodies to maintain stability and fair pricing in the petroleum sector. IPMAN emphasizes that any changes in fuel prices will be done in accordance with official guidelines and duly communicated to the public.

In conclusion, IPMAN urges Nigerians to remain calm and avoid panic buying, as there are no plans to increase petrol pump prices to N700 per litre. They assure the public of an adequate supply of petroleum products and reaffirm their commitment to transparent and responsible practices within the industry.

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