LAPD Investigates Michael B. Jordan in Connection with Ferrari Collision


Los Angeles Police Department Initiates Investigation into Actor Michael B. Jordan Following Ferrari Crash

Law enforcement authorities in Los Angeles are currently looking into the involvement of actor Michael B. Jordan in a recent on-camera car collision. According to security sources cited by TMZ, efforts are underway to establish Michael’s presence behind the wheel of the racing Ferrari. Once confirmed, investigators are likely to seek the actor’s statement regarding the incident, marking the second attempt to gather information about the collision that occurred a couple of weeks ago.

In the event that the investigation reveals potential criminal liability, the case will be forwarded to prosecutors for consideration of possible charges. The situation appears serious for Michael, who was observed racing a red Ferrari on busy Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, resulting in a collision with a parked Kia and significant damage to both vehicles.

While the LAPD found no indications of impairment by drugs or alcohol during their initial assessment, Michael may still face further scrutiny as the investigation unfolds.

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