Mr. Ibu’s former manager, Chochoo, revealed that doctors recommended the amputation of his two toes.


In a rebuttal to claims of veteran actor John Okafor, affectionately known as Mr. Ibu, being deceased, Chochoo, a close friend and former manager, has clarified the situation. In an interview with Daily Trust, Chochoo affirmed that Mr. Ibu is very much alive and is scheduled for surgery on Saturday or early Sunday morning.

He stated, “For about two months now, he has been the subject of death rumors online. I am not sure where they are sourcing this news because on the internet, he is already considered deceased. However, in reality, he is still very much alive. He is facing another surgical procedure, either today or tomorrow morning. Although I used to be his manager, we remain close. While online reports indicate his demise, he is alive in the real world.”

Regarding the reports that Mr. Ibu was facing amputation, Chochoo clarified, “He has been dealing with health complications, particularly related to diabetes. Contrary to online reports suggesting amputation of his leg, the medical professionals have recommended the amputation of two toes that have been affected by the illness and have begun to decay.”

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