Napoli expresses concern that Osimhen remains in Nigeria.


Napoli, the reigning Italian champions, is reportedly growing concerned about Victor Osimhen’s continued absence from Italy. They had anticipated that he would commence the crucial phase of his recovery program next week.

The 24-year-old striker has been sidelined since October 13 after sustaining a hamstring muscle injury during Nigeria’s 2-2 draw with Saudi Arabia in a friendly match. This injury has caused him to miss Napoli’s last three consecutive games.

Osimhen has remained in Nigeria since the injury occurred, and Napoli is eagerly awaiting his return, particularly as contract negotiations are still ongoing. The Wednesday edition of Gazzetta dello Sport, on page 12, outlines the situation, highlighting Napoli’s desire for Osimhen to initiate the intensive phase of his recovery work in the upcoming week, enabling them to plan for his eventual return.

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