The leader of the Zimbabwe Miners Federation, Henrietta Rushwaya, has been found guilty of gold smuggling.


Henrietta Rushwaya, the President of the Zimbabwe Miners Federation, has been found guilty of smuggling gold.

Rushwaya faced charges after she was apprehended at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport while attempting to transport 6 kilograms of gold to Dubai.

The gold smuggling attempt occurred on October 26, 2020, when airport security personnel detected suspicious items in her handbag through their X-ray scanning system. When asked to provide the required export documentation for the gold bars, she failed to do so and instead presented an invoice from a company called All Japanese Limited, rendering the transportation illegal.

It’s worth noting that Henrietta Rushwaya was also implicated in the gold smuggling crisis in Zimbabwe, which was featured in an Al Jazeera documentary. This operation was reported to involve a billion-dollar enterprise, with key figures allegedly including Henrietta Rushwaya, who has now been convicted.

She is currently in custody and awaits her sentencing, scheduled for November 10th.

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