Paramedic who cut $8,000 diamond ring from dead woman’s finger and pawned it, pleads guilty nearly 2 years after


A paramedic who cut a diamond ring off the finger of a dead patient and went on to pawn it has pleaded guilty nearly two years after she was arrested.

Lisa Darlene Glaze was arrested in Nov. 2019 in Arkansas shortly after the family of Gloria Robinson noticed she was not wearing her $8,000 diamond ring when she was pronounced dead at a hospital in Hot Springs.


Robinson’s family asked hospital staff including Glaze why three of the woman’s rings were missing when they were given Robinson’s personal effects. However they did not get a response.


Two days later, an anonymous parcel arrived at a funeral home and contained two of Robinson’s rings, but not her most valuable one.

Police later found the ring, valued at $7,946.63, on sale for $45 at a pawn shop and a shop employee confirmed Glaze sold the ring to the store.

On Monday, June 7, Glaze, 51, pleaded guilty to a felony count of theft but will avoid jail time with a sentence of six years’ supervised probation. She will also pay a small fine and court costs.

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