Securing the release of Nnamdi Kanu is among our priorities, states the Deputy Speaker.


Benjamin Kalu, the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, has revealed ongoing discussions to secure the release of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the separatist Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), who has been in detention since 2021. Kanu was arrested in Kenya and subsequently repatriated to Nigeria, leading to his detention at the Department of State Services.

Speaking virtually at the “South East Political Roundtable” on Tuesday, January 2, Kalu urged South-East youths to refrain from the sit-at-home directive issued by IPOB, emphasizing that it deters investors from the region. He encouraged those bearing arms to lay down their weapons and join the non-kinetic approach advocated by the recently unveiled Peace In South-East Project in Abia State’s Bende Local Government Area.

Kalu expressed, “He (Kanu) is my brother. Is he in the mix of what we are trying to do? Yes! It’s one of our agendas to ensure he’s released. Who wants their brother to be in jail? We are working underground. There’s a detailed strategy. It’s not by violence; you can’t coerce the government through violence. It has never worked and won’t work. Let’s be wiser. The wisdom is in peace.”

He stressed the importance of peaceful approaches and unity, emphasizing that violence cannot compel the government. Kalu also urged support for the government and discouraged attacks, asserting his stance against violence and advocating for peace.

Furthermore, Kalu addressed misconceptions about President Bola Tinubu, asserting that he is not against the South-East. He highlighted the President’s appointment of an Igbo individual to lead the Ministry of Works, emphasizing that this indicates a willingness to support development in the region. Kalu called for unity, collaboration, and a collective effort to achieve positive outcomes for the South-East.

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