Soldiers engaged in the fight against insurgents lack adequate motivation, according to Ndume.


Senator Mohammed Ali Ndume, the Chief Whip of the Senate, has highlighted the inadequate equipment, motivation, and empowerment of soldiers and members of the Armed Forces involved in the fight against insurgency. Speaking to the press on Monday, January 8, Ndume emphasized that the current salaries and allowances provided to the troops are insufficient to inspire them effectively in the battle.

He further urged President Bola Tinubu to reassess the welfare of men and officers combating insecurity, particularly in the North East, following Tinubu’s firm stance on not accepting failure during a meeting with heads of security agencies.

Ndume expressed his agreement with President Tinubu’s stance, stating:

“President Tinubu has made it clear that he won’t accept excuses from heads of security agencies. And I agree with him. We need to win this war. But we need to do more. Those soldiers and other members of the Armed Forces fighting to protect the country are not properly motivated.

“I’m urging the president to do more and revisit these issues, equip them, motivate them, and revisit their salaries and allowances. These moves will go a long way in changing the tide of war in favor of the government.”

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