The Federal Government plans to open additional Passport Offices in Nigeria and overseas by February of the upcoming year.


Dr. Olubunmi Tunji Ojo, Nigeria’s Minister of Interior, has announced that the Federal Government is committed to establishing multiple passport offices across the country and abroad to facilitate easier passport collection for Nigerians, both at home and in the diaspora.

Tunji-Ojo stressed that this initiative aims to streamline passport processing, reduce passport demand, and ultimately curb corruption associated with obtaining passports. He provided an example of the need for more passport offices, citing Canada’s vast landmass and having only one passport office. To address this, the government is exploring collaborations with the private sector.

The minister set a target for this expansion, stating that by February of the following year, the government plans to have passport offices worldwide. This move aims to eliminate the inconvenience faced by Nigerians abroad, who often need to travel long distances to the capital city for passport-related matters.

Tunji-Ojo also revealed plans to establish such front offices within Nigeria to make passport services more accessible. He emphasized the government’s commitment to resolving issues related to passport application dates and facility capacity, especially in the diaspora.

Regarding passport pricing, the minister clarified that a five-year, 35-page passport costs N35,000, while a ten-year, 64-page passport is priced at N70,000. He urged Nigerians not to use intermediaries, as the payment process is online, and encouraged people to upload their documents and passport photos online. He stressed that fingerprinting must be done in person and cautioned against making any unauthorized payments.

In addition, Tunji-Ojo proposed a policy where individuals under the age of 18 would receive five-year passports, while those over 18 would receive ten-year passports to help alleviate the workload on the passport processing system.

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