The Minister affirms that Tinubu is committed to democratic principles and has no intention of suppressing the media.


Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, emphasized that the Federal Government has no intention of restricting or influencing the media. In an interview on Channels TV, the Minister stressed the importance of media organizations exercising responsibility. He highlighted the need for collaboration between operators and regulators to foster a harmonious relationship in the public interest.

Idris stated, “You can see that already; who has been pressured? Which broadcast station or newspaper has been pressured? Nobody has been pressured to do anything.” He affirmed President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s commitment to democracy and communication, stating that there is no intention to control the media under his administration.

Addressing challenges such as fake social media abuse and fake news, the Minister acknowledged these as global issues. He assured that the government is addressing them in its own way. Idris also mentioned UNESCO’s efforts to provide guidelines for social media, emphasizing the importance of responsible freedom of expression.

While acknowledging the global nature of fake news, Idris highlighted the erosion of values in Nigeria over the years and expressed the government’s commitment to rebuilding trust in government communication. He emphasized the need for Nigerians to believe in themselves and their leaders, indicating that this is a key focus for the Ministry of Information and National Orientation.

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