A furious husband decapitates his wife due to impatience over her taking too long to prepare a cup of tea.



A husband, identified as Dharamveer, has reportedly beheaded his wife, Sundari, over impatience regarding the time it took her to make him a cup of tea. The tragic incident occurred at their residence in the village of Faljagadh, near Delhi in Uttar Pradesh state, according to police reports.

Dharamveer, aged 52, allegedly used a sword to stab his 50-year-old wife 15 times before beheading her, all because she was taking too long to prepare his tea. The local police chief revealed that the husband, waking up shortly after his wife, asked for tea immediately and, upon learning it would take another 10 minutes, erupted into a fit of rage. He retrieved a weapon and attacked Sundari, who was sitting by the stove.

Police Superintendent Vivek Yadav stated that Sundari had begun preparing tea at 6 am, following her daily routine. Dharamveer, waking a few minutes later, called out for tea as their four children slept in another room.

“After around five minutes, Dharamveer asked for tea again and rushed to the makeshift kitchen on the terrace. He got angry when his wife told him it would take another 10 minutes for the tea to get ready and kicked the utensils away,” explained Yadav.

Dharamveer then fetched a sword, returned, and used it to fatally assault his wife. Their son, named Soldier, heard her screams, witnessed the tragic scene, and attempted to intervene. Dharamveer allegedly attacked his son and other children as they tried to help Sundari, causing them to flee to their room.

Villagers, alerted by the cries, rushed to the scene and found Sundari lying dead in a pool of blood.

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