A tragic incident unfolded in Lagos as a housewife lost her life after being fatally stabbed by her neighbor.


Tragedy struck in Lagos when Barakat Adio, a housewife, lost her life after being stabbed during a dispute with her neighbor, Cynthia Aigbondon, while they were both fetching water at a public tap in the Ajegunle area.

Eyewitnesses recounted that the altercation between the deceased and the suspect escalated into a physical confrontation over who had the right to access the only available public borehole in the vicinity. In the midst of the altercation, Cynthia allegedly retrieved a kitchen knife from her apartment and fatally stabbed Barakat.

Upon witnessing the horrifying scene, other residents apprehended Cynthia as she attempted to flee upon realizing the severity of Barakat’s injuries.

Confirming the incident, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, the spokesperson for the Lagos State Police Command, disclosed that Barakat’s husband, Lukmon Adio, reported the matter to the police station. The police have commenced an investigation into the tragic incident.

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