Rivers State Police Apprehend 13 Officers for Violations of Dress Code


Disu reported that the apprehended police officers were taken into custody by the command monitoring unit during a routine patrol in various areas of Port Harcourt.

“As part of our ongoing efforts to address indecent dressing among officers, approximately 13 individuals were arrested during routine patrols in different parts of the city. They are currently in detention, and the respective division heads, where these officers serve, will bear vicarious responsibility for their behavior,” stated the CP.

Disu also pledged to ensure the apprehension and prosecution of those responsible for the killing of the former Divisional Police Officer, SP Bako Ang Bashin, in Ahoada East Local Government Area of the state. He expressed gratitude for the public’s concern and emphasized the importance of cooperation between the police and the community.

Engaging with stakeholders in Ahoada and seeking advice from them, the CP is committed to capturing the prime suspect, Gift Okpara, in the murder case. Disu acknowledged the crucial role of public cooperation in law enforcement and highlighted ongoing efforts to foster a partnership between the police and the community.

He further mentioned meetings with the traffic section of the police, emphasizing the need for civility in interactions with the public. Disu expressed a desire to build trust with the community, encouraging them to provide information to aid the police in their work.

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