The purported “world’s oldest man” marks his “123rd birthday” in Brazil.


A Brazilian pensioner, who claims to be the world’s oldest man, recently celebrated his 123rd birthday in Aparecida de Goiania, Goias state, Brazil. Andrelino Vieira da Silva, born on February 3, 1901, according to his ID card, celebrated this milestone with his family. Despite his advanced age, his family attests to his good health.

One of his granddaughters, Janaina Lemes de Souza, shared, “He’s fine, everything’s great. It’s a great satisfaction for him to be with us for another year like this, everyone together.” She mentioned that people often recognize him in the street and request selfies.

Mr. da Silva has not sought verification of his age with the Guinness World Records. Currently, the official title of the world’s oldest living person is held by María Branyas Morera, aged 115, from California. She was recognized by Guinness World Records on January 7, 2023.

Despite his remarkable age, Mr. da Silva continues to enjoy life, surrounded by his family. He has seen significant historical events spanning two world wars, communist revolutions, the Beatles era, Princess Diana, and the assassination of JFK. His granddaughter mentioned that the family opted for a low-key celebration this year due to some family members facing challenges.

In previous years, Mr. da Silva celebrated his birthdays with humor, including joking about his decades-long pension claim from the National Institute of Social Security (INSS). In response, the INSS sent him a special plaque, recognizing him as a blessing rather than a “terror.”

Mr. da Silva’s long life is a testament to resilience and the joys of family, with his loved ones cherishing each year with him.

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