A young child succumbed to starvation while nestled beside his father, who had passed away due to a heart attack.


A two-year-old boy, Bronson Battersby, was discovered lifeless from starvation next to his deceased 60-year-old father, Kenneth, who had suffered a fatal heart attack. The tragic incident occurred in their Skegness, Lincolnshire home, and their bodies were found 14 days after their last known sighting.

Lincolnshire County Council initiated a review of the toddler’s death, as he was deemed vulnerable and subject to weekly checks by children’s services. A social worker attempted visits on January 2 and 4, contacting the police after receiving no response. The father and son were only found when the social worker gained entry with the landlord’s key days later.

Bronson’s mother, Sarah Piesse, revealed that the postmortem examination determined her son’s cause of death as dehydration and starvation. She mentioned that she couldn’t even pick up her fragile son due to the prolonged neglect. The boy’s sister, Melanie Battersby, expressed her grief on Facebook, emphasizing his undeserved fate.

The family disclosed that Kenneth, unemployed and with a pre-existing heart condition, had been severely jaundiced leading up to his death. A friend of the family lamented the heartbreaking circumstances and mentioned that Bronson was discovered curled up near his father, left in darkness and likely terrified.

Bronson’s interests, such as watching cartoons on the YouTube channel Cocomelon, enjoying nursery rhymes, and playing with his drum kit, were highlighted by the family friend. Lincolnshire Children’s Services Executive Director Heather Sandy expressed condolences and stated a review was underway.

The social worker involved has voluntarily taken time off but has not been suspended. Lincolnshire Police reported that the deaths were not considered suspicious, and the East Midlands Ambulance Service responded to a medical emergency call on January 9.

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