Tragedy strikes in Kano as a fire claims the lives of a couple and their five children.


A devastating fire outbreak in Tudun Wada Bompai, Nasarawa Local Government Area of Kano State, has claimed the lives of seven family members. The incident, which occurred on Sunday night, January 14, resulted in the tragic deaths of a father, mother, and their five children.

The Kano State Fire Service official, Alhaji Saminu Abdullah, shared the unfortunate news in a statement on Monday, January 15, 2024. The distress call was received at the Dakata Fire Station from Ibrahim Sani around 12:25 am, reporting the fire outbreak in a building at Tudun Wada Quarters.

Firefighters swiftly responded, dispatching a fire-fighting vehicle to the scene by 12:30 am. Despite their efforts, the seven victims were evacuated from the slightly burned two rooms and a parlour they occupied. They were rushed to the hospital, where a doctor later confirmed their deaths due to smoke inhalation.

According to Abdullah, the investigation indicated that the fire, triggered by an electric spark, had escalated beyond control when the firefighters arrived. In light of this tragedy, he urged the public to exercise caution when handling electrical appliances and inflammable materials to prevent fire incidents and other emergencies.

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