20-year-old student marries two teenage girls within a month

A 20-year-old student married two teenage girls within less than a month in West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia.
According to reports from local media outlets, the young man, who is identified by his initial R, married his first wife, identified as F, on September 17, and married another girl, identified as M, on Monday, October 12.
They were reportedly married in a traditional ceremony, locally known as nikah siri. Both brides are reportedly 16 years old.

Photos from R and M’s marriage went viral after they were shared on Facebook and became a hot topic among netizens.
Speaking to a media outlet, Kumparan, tather of the groom, Ayuni said he was shocked to learn that his son decided to get married, especially because he’s still enrolled as a student at a vocational high school.

“Yes, I was shocked. Because he’s still in school. The National Exams (UN) are coming up,” Ayuni said.
R and M have been dating for the past three years, while R has only been in a relationship with F for a much shorter time. After R got married to F, M and her family paid a visit to R’s home to meet his parents last weekend, during which time they asked R to marry M.

Though R, F, and M have yet to speak to the media about their polygamous union, R’s parents appear to be more ready to speak to the press. Ayuni, for one, complained that he had to spend IDR50 million on their weddings, but expressed hope that his son will continue with his education.

“I want my son to continue his education. I am able to support him through college. I can cover for R’s living expenses. I am also capable of supporting his two wives,” Ayuni said.
R’s mother Nurminah also expressed the same wishes, hoping that his marriage to two women won’t become a hindrance to finishing his education.

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