Actor Deyemi Okanlawon has revealed that he has never received any notable award throughout his career.


Nollywood actor Deyemi Okanlawon recently opened up about his career journey, revealing that despite his long tenure in the industry, he has yet to receive any significant awards. Despite this, he remains undeterred and focused on his craft, finding encouragement within himself.

In a candid interview with Hip TV, Okanlawon expressed his perspective on awards, stating, “I have never won any of the serious awards in Nigeria. I have been around [in the entertainment industry]for long enough that if I were the type of person to feel a certain way, I would have been like, ‘Why had I not been awarded this or that?’” He emphasized the importance of self-recognition and self-validation, noting that while external recognition is appreciated, it does not define his worth.

Okanlawon stressed that he finds fulfillment in his work and is grateful for any recognition that may come his way. He highlighted the significance of personal validation and self-confidence, stating, “Validation shouldn’t define you. If anything, my presence should validate an award, not the other way round.”

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