Bandits have fatally shot a police officer at a checkpoint in Zamfara state.


Bandits launched an attack on a police checkpoint at Tazame village in Zamfara State, resulting in the death of one officer and injuries to others.

The targeted checkpoint, located less than a kilometer from Kwatarkwashi, a town near Gusau, the state capital, was ambushed by over 40 armed bandits on motorbikes around 4 am on Sunday, February 25, 2024.

According to multiple sources, the assailants set fire to the checkpoint after overpowering the police officers stationed there. Despite the officers’ efforts to exchange gunfire, they were outnumbered and eventually forced to flee for their safety.

One witness recounted, “The bandits overpowered the policemen on duty because they exchanged fire with them for some minutes before they overran the police and set the place on fire.” They added, “I learnt that the remaining policemen ran for their lives. The bandits outnumbered the police, hence, the police could not confront them in gun battle. We are lucky some of the policemen escaped from the scene; otherwise, the story would have been different by now.”

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