During this heatwave, not everyone visiting the bank is there to withdraw or deposit money. Some of us just want to seek refuge and enjoy the cool air from the air conditioner – a Nigerian man remarks.


Amidst the current severe heatwave in Nigeria, Ezebunwo Ichemati observed that some individuals are now frequenting banks solely to seek respite from the scorching temperatures by enjoying the cool air from the air conditioners, rather than for financial transactions such as withdrawals or deposits.

Nigeria is currently grappling with soaring temperatures exceeding 40°C in certain regions of the country. The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) issued a statement on Tuesday, February 13, 2024, indicating that air temperatures have reached 41°C in the North and 39°C in the South. NiMet further projected that temperatures are expected to remain elevated in the days ahead.

The heatwave poses various health risks, including dehydration, heat rash, fainting, chickenpox, measles, weakness, slight fever, respiratory issues, and heightened susceptibility to chronic conditions, as outlined in the statement.

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