Dwayne Johnson becomes a member of the newly-formed WWE board.


Dwayne Johnson has been appointed as the newest member of the board of directors for TKO, the company that now holds ownership of both WWE and UFC, creating a comprehensive one-stop-shop entity. As part of this development, Dwayne will gain exclusive rights to his well-known stage name, ‘The Rock,’ along with stock options valued at $30 million.

Throughout his entire career, Dwayne has been widely recognized by the moniker “The Rock,” a name that originated from his wrestling days. Under this new agreement, he will have the opportunity to capitalize on his stage name, particularly in terms of merchandising and royalties generated by WWE’s use of ‘The Rock’ in business.

The deal outlines that TKO will hold an exclusive licensing agreement for ‘The Rock’ brand for the next 10 years. During this period, Dwayne is restricted from licensing the name to other companies that may compete with TKO. Essentially, he obtains the trademark, while WWE has a decade to maximize its use.

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