Leading dentist highlights significant concerns with Kanye West’s recently acquired titanium teeth.


A prominent Australian dentist has voiced concerns regarding Kanye West’s unconventional titanium teeth transformation.

Last week, the 46-year-old rapper surprised fans by revealing a set of titanium dentures on Instagram, resembling those of a Bond villain. Kanye asserted that he had his original teeth removed, replacing them with this new permanent appliance that he reportedly designed himself.

Dr. Sam Koh, a leading cosmetic dentist at Dental Boutique, expressed significant apprehension about Kanye’s new dental choice. According to Dr. Koh, maintaining proper oral hygiene with such a bulky, one-piece appliance could prove challenging, potentially leading to issues like infections.

“While it’s been reported that the dentist provided custom equipment for cleaning, such a cumbersome appliance will be difficult to maintain,” Dr. Koh explained. “Microscopically, food particles, bacteria, and debris could accumulate beneath the titanium, causing bad breath, sensitivity, tooth decay, and gum problems like disease and infection over time.”

Dr. Koh believes that Kanye likely had his teeth shaved down and affixed the titanium dentures on top, as opposed to a complete tooth removal. Over time, the remaining teeth may shift, leading to deterioration of the adhesive securing the titanium. This deterioration can create “microgaps” where bacteria and decay may accumulate, potentially resulting in a loose bridge, dental decay, infections, and diseases.

Untreated decay could spread, causing severe gum disease, potentially requiring Kanye to undergo multiple root canals and possibly necessitating the removal of all his teeth.

Dr. Koh also raised concerns about Kanye’s ability to eat, given the flat and bulky surfaces of his new dental piece, making it challenging to tear and chew food. Additionally, he noted potential cosmetic impacts on Kanye’s facial appearance, soft tissue structure, and even vocal abilities during activities like talking, singing, and rapping.

Contrary to previous reports estimating the value of Kanye’s teeth at $850,000, Dr. Koh expressed skepticism. He suggested that the practical and clinical costs of the titanium and the labor involved wouldn’t come close to this amount. Dr. Koh estimated that a similar procedure in Australia might cost around $100,000 AUD or less

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