Police officer accused of torturing UNILAG student to coma


A student of the University of Lagos, UNILAG, landed in a hospital after a policeman allegedly tortured him.

John Akinwale was tortured to a coma in the Mosafejo, Oshodi area of Lagos State, according to SaharaReporters.

The publication reports that Akinwale was arrested by police officers attached to the Mosafejo division on Monday, Jan 18, around 2 pm, after he bought fuel at a filling station.

After his arrest, the operatives allegedly extorted N5,000 from him before dragging him to a police station.

A witness told the publication that Akinwale was arrested for having a “covered number plate.”

After the alleged extortion, the policemen took him to a police station where they allegedly beat him to a coma, for being “rude”. He was eventually rushed to the hospital when he lost consciousness.

According to SaharaReporters, the source said; “John came out from the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority office and drove into a filling station. The policemen rushed at him just as he was about to leave the station.

“They collected N5000 from him and they dragged him to a police station. He collapsed in police custody after being beaten up by the officer. He was arrested for covering his number plate. He was held for hours for being rude to the Divisional Police Officer of the Mosafejo division in Oshodi.

“It was when he became unconscious that he was rushed to a hospital. It is now that he is regaining consciousness that he confirmed that he was hit by objects by the policemen.”

Another source said: “I saw him use medication for Typhoid earlier that morning. We first thought it was the medication that reacted in his body. But the doctor at the hospital confirmed that it was not the drugs but that he was hit with an object.

“When he regained consciousness, he stated the same thing that the policemen beat him up.”

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