Three UK schools evacuated after receiving bomb threats


Three schools in Lincolnshire have been evacuated after the police received reports of “alleged bombs on the premises”.


The Police have described the move as a “precautionary measure” even though no evidence has been found to back up the threats.

Some UK news outlets reported that children were ordered to evacuate the schools in Spalding, as police descended on the buildings. The affected schools are Spalding High School, St John the Baptist Primary and Monkshouse Primary.


Confirming this, the police said in a statement;


“We are working with three schools in Spalding following reports of threats received relating to alleged bombs on the premises.

“We are sending resources to each school to work with the Head Teacher to establish the facts and to ensure the schools are safe. In the meantime, as a precautionary measure, the schools have been evacuated.

“At this point there is nothing to suggest that these threats are real and nothing to corroborate the claims.

“The schools affected are Spalding High School, St John the Baptist Primary and Monkshouse Primary.”

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