Boko Haram militants have reportedly destroyed several 330KVA power transmission towers in Yobe state


Boko Haram insurgents have once again wreaked havoc by destroying two critical 330KVA power transmission towers in Yobe state, leaving residents in both Yobe and Borno states without electricity.

According to the command’s spokesperson, Dungus Abdulkarim, the transmission towers, crucial for supplying electricity from Gombe to Yobe and Borno, fell victim to the attackers’ explosives in the early hours of Saturday, February 24, in Kasaisa, Damaturu Local Government Area.

Abdulkarim lamented, “The destruction has plunged residents of the two states into darkness,” highlighting the significant impact of the attack on the region’s power supply. This incident marks the second destruction of these towers in just three months, as they were previously targeted in December and subsequently repaired in January.

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