Government of the herdsmen by the herdsmen and for the herdsmen, Buhari should be President for all – Mr Macaroni


Popular Instagram comedian, Mr Macaroni has lashed out at the Buhari-led administration over the way they’ve handled the herdsmen crisis in the country so far.


The comedian who described the present administration as a “government of the herdsmen, by the herdsmen and for the herdsmen”, appealed to Buhari to be president for all.


Mr Macaroni who stated that no Nigerian is more Nigerian than the other, affirmed that people have the right to live even as herdsmen have the right to graze.


He tweeted;


Government of the herdsmen, by the herdsmen and for the herdsmen.

No Nigerian is more Nigerian than the other. As much rights as the herdsmen have to graze, so does other Nigerians have to live. When did grazing become series of killing and kidnapping? @MBuhari  please be President for all!!!!!

Growing up, I saw a lot of herdsmen graze peacefully. I’m sure a lot of us did. They were so organized and even friendly. What changed? And now that so much violence is involved why can’t the government call them to order? This insecurity has lasted too long!!

Innocent Nigerians are being killed and kidnapped day in day out because herdsmen have gone rogue! The Government hasn’t done anything to control the situation! Don’t let anyone bully you for speaking against gross Nepotism. Every Nigerian deserves to live. And that’s all!!!

Mr Macaroni also mocked President Buhari with his infamous 2015 speech of “I am for everybody and I am for Nobody”. He tweeted;


“I am for everybody and I am for Nobody” Tule Joor!!!!

When threatened with his comment affecting his brand, Mr Macaroni made a clarification by stating that he never attached “Fulani” to his tweets but simply said herdsmen are responsible for the insecurity witnessed in some parts of the country.  He added that criminals are criminals no matter the tribe.


He tweeted;


What I actually did was to call out the ‘government’ and those responsible for the insecurity ‘herdsmen’ I didn’t mention any tribe. I simply said herdsmen because they are the ones responsible. It is you people that have decided to bring in ethnicity into this.

I didn’t add ‘Fulani’ to my tweet because criminals are criminals no matter the Tribe. If you add it or any other tribe and start talking about ethnicity, that’s on you. The Killings and Kidnappings of Nigerians by Herdsmen and The Goverment’s Nepotism must end! Simple!!!

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