‘I’ve caught Covid twice but I won’t get vaccinated’ – Ireland and West Brom striker, Callum Robinson


Republic of Ireland international and West Brom striker, Callum Robinson has disclosed that he has chosen not to be vaccinated against Covid-19 despite being hit by Covid twice.


The 26-year-old forward first tested positive in November last year and then again in August, meaning he had to sit out last month’s World Cup qualifiers.

Asked in a recent interiview if he had been vaccinated, Robinson – who is on £27,000 a week with his club replied: ‘I haven’t been vaccinated, no. That’s my choice at this moment in time.


‘It’s obviously annoying that I’ve caught it twice but I haven’t been vaccinated. Further down the line I could change my mind and want to do it, but at this moment in time I haven’t been vaccinated, no.’


Asked why, Robinson (who played in the Premier League last season) added: ‘I just haven’t, I just haven’t done it. I think it’s your personal choice and my choice at this moment in time, I haven’t been vaccinated.

‘I know, as you said, there are managers and people that will want you to do it, which is right in their way, the way they think, but everyone has their choice on what they want to do. I wouldn’t force people to do it, it’s your choice and your body.’

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